Making disciples who love God, love people, and serve the world!
Crescent City Church of Christ
485 9th Street, PO BOX 752, Crescent City, CA 95531
Office Phone: Monday - Thursday, 10 AM - 2 PM: (707) 464-6312

What to Expect

What can I expect when I come to Crescent City Church of Christ?
As soon as you step through the door of the church building you can expect:
  • Friendly and smiling faces will greet you.  Several people will shake your hand and introduce themselves to you and ask you your name and where you are from.  Someone may explain to you about filling out the welcome card as well.
  • You will receive a bulletin when you arrive.  The bulletin provides information about the service and information about events throughout the week.  There is a welcome card in the pew in front of you that we encourage our visitors to fill out as a record of your attendance and a way for us to be able to connect with you either through the mail, phone call, email, or a personal visit.  This welcome card can be placed in the offering box that is in between the two doors on your way out of the sanctuary.
  • The service begins at about 10:45 a.m. with a time of worship.  While we are an instrumental congregation, that uses instruments like guitars, flutes, piano, etc. as God has gifted certain individuals with a musical ability that assists us in our worship of God; we currently do not have any musicians, so we sing acapella.  After the first or second song, a greeting and Scripture reading is given followed by a prayer.  We, then, continue in our worship service singing praises to the Lord.
  • Prior to the message, we partake of Communion (Lord's Supper).  Communion is a portion of our worship service that allows us to remember the sacrifice that Jesus Christ made for each one of us as He died upon the cross for the sins of mankind.  We also remember His resurrection and His second coming.  We invite all immersed believers to join with us.
  • Offering and Tithes is a time for our church family to give back to God as an expression of our love and appreciation for what God does in our life and the blessings He has richly blessed us with.  You should not feel obligated to contribute to our offering.  We realize that you already have enough to think about when visiting a church for the first time.  If you feel like giving an offering, there is an offering box hanging between the two doors as you leave the sanctuary.  You can place it in the box at anytime before, during, or after the service.  Following the offering prayer, the minister will come forward to preach a message from God's Word (the Bible).
  • Our minister, Mark Wittenmyer, will deliver a practical message that will teach how the Bible can help you deal with real life issues.  If you do not have a Bible to follow along, there is a Bible in the pew in front of you.  The sermon outline is in the bulletin for you to be able to take notes and see the Scripture references that he mentions.  Also the scriptures are displayed on the video screen.  If you have children (ages 11 and younger), one of the ladies (Connie McComb) teaches Jr. Church in the side room during the message time.  We also have a nursery, if you have small children that are crying or need changed.  There is a speaker in the nursery, so that you can still hear the message or the service and a big window to still see what is going on.
  • Following the sermon, our minister offers a time of response and prayer.  If you need to know more about becoming a Christian, wish to be baptized, want to join the Crescent City Church of Christ family, or need someone to pray for you; simply come forward during the response song.
  • The worship service concludes around noon (depending on how long the announcements and prayer, and communion time lasts) with a closing prayer.  Sometimes there will be a fellowship time in the side room where we get to know one another better and have some snacks.  Please feel welcome to stay and snack and visit with us whenever we have these fellowship times. 

Our church is praying for YOU!  Our prayer is that you find a place to connect and join a family of believers that will help encourage and lift you up.  Whether you know it or not, God loves YOU and wants to provide YOU a place of comfort and belonging.